Skills Determined by the Color of Your Eyes


Self-pacing versus Reactive Skills

In his book "Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction", the internationally known Professor Mark L. Knapp, quotes an interesting study performed by Morgan Worthy regarding how the color of your eyes may determine some of your motor skills.

His main thesis was that both animals and humans with dark eyes specialized in the ability to make quick reactions to visual or auditory stimuli. The dark eyed are described as more "spontaneous and emotionally reactive". On the other hand, light eyed animals had more visual sensitivity (as opposed to acutivity) and showed a hunting/escape strategy of "wait - freeze - stalk".

Dark eyes are not superior to light eyes, as the author cautions, nor is the converse of that true. Neither can reactivity or nonreactivity be considered as superior in any absolute sense.

Reference: Morgan Worthy, Eye Colour, Sex, and Race: Keys To Human Behavior & Mark L. Knapp, Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction.


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