Dominance, Body Language and Thumbs


Expressing Dominance through Body Language

People in groups use their bodies to express their knowledge and agreement on who has the higher and lower hierarchical status.

The Display of Thumbs

The display of Thumbs is characteristic of domineering body language.
The thumbs convey ego and strengh of character. They are used to express supremacy, dominance or agression.

We can see them standing out of their pockets while the rest of the hand remains in the pockets. They may also stand up in a position where both arms are folded on the chest.

Typical situations where men may display thumbs and other domineering body language are in the presence of women (courtship) or in groups where they need to express their higher status: at work (a manager in the presence of subordinates) or with friends or family.

Other signs of dominance that may appear are: controlling the conversation by interrupting others and/or taking long pauses to answer making others wait, taking a lot of personal space with the body posture (e.g. with the hands on the hips and the elbows open to the sides), freely touching others and staring at others demanding attention.

These gestures are not exclusive of men. Dominant women also use them.

Reference: Allan Pease, Body Language, How to Read Other’s Thoughts by Their Gestures, Sheldon Press, 1981.


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