Body Language at a Job Interview - How to use your body language to give a good impression


How to use your body language to give a good impression

Good qualities that you should try to communicate through your body language at a job interview are: confidence, humor, interest, professionalism and friendliness. How do you do this?

Confidence: you should give a good and assertive handshake. Extend your arm confidently to your interview. Hold his/her hand firmly. Remember to smile and make eye contact at the same time. Walk confidently into and out of the room. Use your hands (do not overact this) while you are talking. This will communicate confidence and active demeanor.

Use a natural tone of voice. Speak clearly and slowly. This will also contribute to your overall confidence appearance.

Humor: you should smile from time to time. It is ok to make an appropriate joke if the opportunity arises. One that has worked for me in the past is, when asked “would your colleagues consider you an open minded person?” I replied “mmm I think we should ask them” and then I continue to respond seriously.

Interest: avoid yawning or looking away while you are being interviewed. Sit upright or lean forward a little. It is important that you feel comfortable in your posture. This will help you look relaxed and will make more your interviewer feel more at ease. Nod your head to show that you are paying attention and that you understand.

Bearing in mind all these tips, will help you perform better. Remember, you interviewee will be paying special attention to these details. Be prepared!


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